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We provide hope...

We provide hope...

The wings of hope for so many needing our flights...

Our Flights

Over WingLittle Wings meets a variety of needs that helps people through the power of flight.

All our flights are charitable and no passengers are “Charged” for our flight services. Each flight is funded from your generous donations and from our corporate partnerships with businesses around the world.

Each flight is intended to meet situations in which the passenger or passengers need our charitable flight service for medical reasons.

Types of Little-Wings flight missions flown:

Medical Transport

Our research and unique partnerships with local hospitals has shown that many children and families are travelling far and wide to attend specialist medical treatment. Little-Wings at present flies patients who are classed as medically stable and when their condition poses no health risk to hospitals for their medical treatment.

Medical Repatriation

Little-Wings also helps families and individuals who get injured abroad fly home. They may not have been able to afford insurance and as such have no available means of getting home with their injury. We operate medical repatriation flights for families and individuals who meet this criteria.


When a child or a family member gets admitted to a hospital it is important you have your loved ones by your side. Traveling for compassionate reasons can be to visit a family member or friend and flights to visit terminally ill friends or family.

Special Needs Camps

Around the US and UK there are special needs camps for children and adults who may be living with diabetes, terminal cancer, cancer survivor, families living with HIV or AIDS, burn survivors and many other problems.

Domestic Violence Relocation

Little-Wings completes flights that enable individuals who have or suffering from domestic violence to relocate to a safer location.

Assistance for injured Military Personnel

Little-Wings completes flights for injured ex-servicemen. This can be flying them and their families to and from specialist hospitals or to simply flying them to visit family.

Blood, Organ, and Tissue Donations

Little-Wings shall also operate flights to transport blood, blood products, organs and tissue to and from hospitals around the US, UK and Europe.

Disaster Response

Little-Wings, in partnership with the Stratus Flying Charity shall respond to natural disasters- from floods to earthquakes that occur around the world. Little-Wings will transport humanitarian aid relief supplies and to also transport key personnel to the affected areas, such as medical volunteers and search and rescue personnel.

Transplant Recipients

On occasion Little-Wings will work with hospitals for the transport of organ transplants. These missions are rare due to time constraints.

Medical Escorts

Little-Wings also offers medical escorts for those passengers flying on a passenger airliner. This particular passenger is not unstable or critically ill, they are simply needing our care and assistance for the duration of the flight.

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Our Latest News

14/3/14 - Little-Wings completes a helicopter flight for a family in the North East. 

8/3/14 – We have just agreed a sponsor deal with a Canadian based business, their details will soon feature on the ‘sponsors‘ page.

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