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Life-saving air transport...

Life-saving air transport...

Specialist treatment could be hundreds if not thousands of miles away, Little-Wings offers free air transport and removes the financial worry...


You must meet the following requirements in order to qualify for a Little-Wings flight, if you do not meet these requirements but would still like to request a flight, please email

24 Hours’ Notice

We need to allow 24 hours’ notice in order to arrange your flight, however if your need is urgent please email and specify “URGENT” in the email subject.


Our passengers must be all medically stable. They must also be able to walk unaided and be able to board/exit the aircraft unaided. Each passenger must also be able to sit in an aircraft seat for the flight duration.
If you are not able to meet the above medical physical condition then please email

Medical Details

Our Little-Wings team need to be aware of the medical health of each passenger we are flying. We need to ensure you are fit to fly. We need to have some sort of picture of your general health and a local doctor may need to sign you off as “Fit to fly”.
Some of our flights will be operated in a non-pressurised aircraft and this is why we need such medical information to make sure your safety is not put at risk.


Each passenger will be required to sign a “Waiver of Liability”. Each passenger will be required to sign this document prior to take off. If you are travelling with a child under the age of sixteen then the “Waiver of Liability” will need to sign on their behalf.

What to expect on the day

When booking a Little-Wings flight, please make yourself and other passengers aware of the below conditions and experiences you will encounter with us:

Your pilot decides

It is solely up to the pilot of the aircraft if the flight is a go or not. Several factors can cancel a flight, from severe weather, aircraft maintenance and unforeseen issues such as runway closure etc. It is important that you respect the pilots decision and that they are only thinking of your safety if the flight is cancelled.

Flying times

Not all our aircraft are small, but those that are have four to nine seats. You have to remember that commercial airlines travel hundreds of miles per hour and you will be travelling a lot slower then they fly at. So please ask your pilot before departure how long the flight is forecasted to last for.


Due to some of our aircraft being small you may be required to state your weight when asked by the pilot. This is to comply with weight and balance calculations and to ensure the plane is flown within limits of the aircraft flight envelope.

Entering the aircraft

The aircraft we use on our charity medical flights can be small or difficult to get in and out of. If you require special assistance please inform us when you request your flight so the crew are aware.

Noise in flight

It can be quite noisy on-board a small aircraft, if you have never been on a small aircraft before it can be difficult to have a discussion and to hear each other. All passengers will be provided with headsets and ear plugs depending on the aircraft being flown to block out any noise and to enable you to communicate with each other.


The Little-Wings flights use small aircraft that are more susceptible to air turbulence than large airliner aircraft. It is very common and no cause for alarm to experience turbulence more frequently in a small aircraft.

On-board temperature

Most of the Little-Wings aircraft have heated cockpits. We advise all passengers to come prepared for the flight depending on the aircraft, it can be sometimes chilly on-board because of the altitude and sometimes warm on sunny day. Please come prepared with adequate clothing.
Your Little-Wings aircraft may not have a restroom on-board, they are also not equipped with an inflight food service. Please check prior to boarding the aircraft what your aircraft has.

Young child travel

If you are flying with a baby or small child, it is important you bring the necessary equipment in order to prevent them suffering from ear pain from the changing air pressure.
Such items being a bottle, pacifier or if they are little bit older, a piece of gum or sweet.

Onward ground transportation

Little-Wings will work with you to ensure you find ground transportation when you land at your destination.

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