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We provide hope...

We provide hope...

The wings of hope for so many needing our flights...

The Little-Wings Brand

The Little-Wings brand is built around “Bertie the Bear” a qualified pilot of Teddy Airlines. “Bertie” is our mascot and flying icon of hope for all our followers and supporters.

The Little-Wings brand had to be fun, creative and most importantly – Memorable for everyone of all ages and backgrounds.

“Bertie” has overcome challenges and adversity, he is a comfort and someone that people can turn to at any time.

Little-Wings Logo

A welcome message from Bertie ” Hi kids, I hope you like the App and the many exciting products I have coming available over the coming months! It is so exciting and I look forward to you joining me as co-pilot on the challenges and adventures around the world! Stay happy and the sky’s the limit for my flying little heroes!”

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Our Latest News

14/3/14 - Little-Wings completes a helicopter flight for a family in the North East. 

8/3/14 – We have just agreed a sponsor deal with a Canadian based business, their details will soon feature on the ‘sponsors‘ page.

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