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We provide hope...

We provide hope...

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Our Founder

Little-Wings was established by pilot James Moon who achieved his pilot’s license at the age of seventeen after overcoming a series of setbacks that threatened to stop his lifelong ambition of becoming a pilot.

James suffered a broken spine which was severe enough to stop him flying for good. Medical staff advised James that he would be unlikely to ever get back in a plane again. After hearing this devastating news James set out to prove all medical staff wrong and six months after breaking his spine he achieved his wings at the youngest age possible, seventeen.

James Moon

It was the experience of freedom that flying offers that drove James to prove all medical staff wrong. As flying meant so much to him he wanted to be free from the worries of everyday life and to get back in his aircraft as quick as possible.

After breaking his spine, James went on to suffer a broken wrist, broken finger and burst appendix all within the same year after getting his wings.

All of these injuries made James appreciate life and realise that flying can have a massive impact on so many people around the world.

“We are a flying force for good. Flying is so simple but the benefits are massive. Thank you to all our corporate support, sponsors and followers” – James Moon Founder

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14/3/14 - Little-Wings completes a helicopter flight for a family in the North East. 

8/3/14 – We have just agreed a sponsor deal with a Canadian based business, their details will soon feature on the ‘sponsors‘ page.

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