A family run business and the oldest of its kind in the industry, Pooleys commenced its many aviation activities in 1957, becoming a Limited Company in 1961 and opening it’s present factory at Cranfield in 1966. Most of the products on this site are from this factory.

In 1957 we made our first Knee Board. In 1962 we published our first Flight Guide (Europe) and in 1964 the first UK Flight Guide. The very first CRP-1 Computer was produced in 1964 with input from the Civil Aviation Authority among others and was followed by the CRP-5 in 1966. The CRP-1 and in particular CRP-5 computers are now the standard recognised computer for commercial and ATPL pilot training.

Our aim is to standardise the quality of flying training, teaching and learning equipment through schools and their instructors throughout the UK. All the aviation training publications that we produce have been closely scrutinised by the CAA and are all LASORS recommended reading.

The products and accessories manufactured, published and supplied by Pooleys greatly exceed those detailed in this website. Experienced Pooleys’ staff are available to help with further specifications and quotations for the complete range, and bespoke equipment which has included calculators for Concorde, 747, 707, DC10 Tri-Star & Islander.

Pooleys have set the industry standard in so many areas of manufacturing and publishing of aviation products for pilots that other companies, over the years, have strived to emulate. Our equipment is now sold to over 40 countries around the world.

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